My week in pictures

Ok, it's more like ten days in pictures, but a) blogs without photos suck so I need an excuse to get my ass in gear and actually post some, and b) I'm too lazy to write a real post. Enjoy! 

Also, the Blogger app doesn't seem to let me move photos, so they'll probably all appear in one giant crappy photo lump at the end of the post and you'll have to work out which photos match which item on the list. Make it into a fun game! 

1. We celebrated being in our new home! With champers! 

2. We discovered a super cute farmers market down the street from us. And it happens every Saturday! Yay for organic produce!

3. We cooked a lot of yummy meals, including a roast...

4. ...and I ate leftovers with chorizo...

5. ...and tortilla. 

6. We marvelled at just! how! large! the sofa in our new place is. 

7. We discovered we will always disagree on what to do with cutlery when you've finished a meal. The Anglo-Belgian cutlery placement war wages on. 

8. We had our friends over for dinner (no photo) and I made a to-die-for salt caramel chocolate torte (we ate it too fast to take a photo. Oops). 

9. I started juicing again (only at breakfast. And only twice. Must try harder). 

10. I went for a couple of veeeeeeeeery slooooooooooow jogs around the park. 

11. I did a lot of internet shopping. My excuse is that we need the boxes to throw the recycling out in. 

12. We played spot the neighbourhood fox. He's nonchalant to say the least. He has kind of a 'devil may care' attitude. We like him. But we don't put our bins out the night before bin day. We don't like him that much. 

13. I baked (a lot). Date bran muffins and carrot cake and salt caramel chocolate torte and brownies. Don't you just love the way brownie batter is so super shiny? I do. 


More crappy iPhone photos next week. Scouts' honour. 

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