Seven Quick Takes

I've always wanted to do this. I'm not sure if if really 'allowed' as I'm not a Catholic MommyBlogger. Or any kind of Mommy Blogger. Or friends with all those cool CMBs like Grace and Ana and Jen. But I'll risk invoking the wrath of the CMB mafia as it looks like fun.

So...armed and ready (I have a nail file)...let's go!

1. This week we successfully challenged a parking ticket...and won! This feels like a momentous victory. Ok, Matt did all the hard work. But I felt outraged and got irritated with just how frustrating and unfair it all was. I think that supported him and helped him on his way to parking ticket victory.

2. I had to spend a night in the house alone when Matt went away with work. I'm not sure why this feels like a big accomplishment. I'm a grown woman. I used to live in a flat all by myself in the darkest wilds of...Gloucestershire. Ok, so it wasn't exactly Harlem. But the new place has me all creeped out. Maybe it's because the first time we met our neighbour (when she was a bit....let's say 'tipsy'. That's kind, isn't it, 'tipsy'?) and she told us people kept jumping her fence and trying to break into her house through the French doors. Maybe it's the enormous spiders we keep finding in the house. Or maybe it's the fact that this place makes a lot of noise. Creaky, bangy, clicky noise. The other day I made Matt go upstairs to check if "a bird or a squirrel" was in the bedroom. Yep. I'm a loony.

3. We got around to doing those grown up moving things like contacting utility companies before we got cut off. Well, some of them.

4. Have I talked to you about my new sideboard yet? No? I loooove my new sideboard. I've wanted one exactly like this for ages. It's from the G Plan Fresco range (I think it was 60s-80s) - we had this range in our dining and living rooms when I was growing up and it makes me feel all fuzzy and homely and happy. I have a thing for mid century modern furniture. Indulging this fetish makes me very, very happy. So here it is:

Excuse the silly too-small lampshade. Actually, you can't see it because the lamp is on. It's an eBay buy that taught me the importance of checking measurements of items before you get all click-happy with the 'buy it now' button. A lesson I hadn't learned when I ordered the sideboard. I had no idea how big it was; it was pure fluke that it fitted exactly in the spot I had picked out for it. I had no idea if it would even get in the house and up the stairs. Matt was not impressed by my (distinct lack of) forethought. That thing also weighs A TONNE. Props to Matt and the delivery guy.

5. Home cooking and leftovers. I cannot tell you how much joy I'm deriving from cooking proper meals every day, and packing my man up leftovers for lunch, and baking him treats to take to work each week, and not wasting any food! It's really, rally, really great. We're eating healthy, proper food, not wasting food or throwing things away and I love to cook. I'm a happy bunny :-)

6. Around this time TEN YEARS AGO I left home for university. I cannot comprehend where the last ten years have gone. I simultaneously feel that it was a lifetime ago and I'm a totally different person to that 18-year old who went off to Southampton, and that I can't understand where all that time has gone because it feels like yesterday. It's crazy bananas, that's for sure. My friends are pretty much all doing really-scary-but-cool-I-wanna-do-them things like getting married and having babies. Crazy bananas indeed*.

I wanted to show you a photo of uni Beth, but...

7. ...in attempting to retrieve one from my old neglected laptop, I've just discovered that said laptop now merely turns on and says 'operating system it found'. Useful. ALL my old photos were on there. Now I need to find (and probably pay lots of moolah to) a computer repair shop to try to retrieve the never-backed-up contents of the thing. I haven't learned that lesson yet. Obviously, I'm not a fully-fledged grown up yet.

*some of that ten years must have been spent picking up random phrases like that from past colleagues. Thanks, random guy called Noel.

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