An exercise in patience

I’m just gonna throw this one out there: living together is hard. I’ve got so used to living alone that I’m finding it really hard to be tolerant of all the little things that Matt does differently. Now, I know that just because he does things differently to me doesn’t mean that my way is right, but it’s just so darn hard to let things go. Stuff that has wound me up over the past week includes:

- leaving the sink full of dirty, festering washing up water
- leaving knives in the bottom of said festering water so I risk slashing my hands open every time I try to pull out the plug
- not hanging up the bathmat to dry when he’s had a shower
- using a new towel instead of the one he used last time so we end up with loads of half-dirty towels everywhere
- just basically not knowing how to read my mind, see how I would do things, and do them exactly the same. 

Ridiculous? Yes. 

I would love love love any tips on how to be more tolerant. Before there's some sort of spousal homicide situation over an incorrectly installed toilet roll (actually, that's one thing he knows how much I care about. Visitors to my house: change the roll with the free end rolled under at your peril.) 

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