Public Service Announcement

I'm interrupting my radio silence to bring you some very important news. This stuff (the pic below, peeps; get with the programme) is Cra-Mazing. 

Yup, Cra-mazing. (It's my word for 'crazy amazing', you know, when something's even better than amazing). 

My skin has been super crappy lately. I think it's the changing seasons, or the fact I'm getting definitely-not-enough sleep, or that I'm stressed out, or I have stupid hormones. My skin usually does this I-zone thing - oily chin, nose and between the eyebrows, not quite a T-zone - and the rest just stays normal, bordering on dry in the height of summer/winter, but recently it's also developed some nice blotchy red patches. 

Needless to say, I was sold at "diminishes visible signs of flare-ups, such as skin fatigue and redness". 

The woman at Kiehl's warned me it would take 14 days to do anything, but 8 days in I'm already loving it. 

It makes my skins smoothy smooth without being oily, and provided a nice, light moisturiser base for all the other crap I layer on top of it to look human in the mornings. The redness has definitely diminished and my skin tone looks niiiiice and even. 

And it smells good. 

Also, the label green. Which a) is my favourite colour, and b) convinces me it must be good for my skin, even if it maybe does contain a load of non-natural ingredients. CBA to go upstairs and read the label, so I'll never know. Ignorance is bliss, and all that. 

Try it. 

Or don't. I can't make you. 

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