Be our guest...

No, seriously, everyone else has been. It might as well be your turn. We had my mum and step-dad staying the weekend before last, Matt's sister, bro-in-law and six-year old niece from Wednesday to Saturday and then my sis and her boyfriend staying on Saturday. We'd just managed to do the changeover from Matt's sis to mine and I had just said "let's spent Sunday alone just the two of us" when Matt looked at his phone and saw a reminder saying his step brother was due to stay Sunday and Monday. We'd totally offered to have him stay with us while he's in London on a course and almost totally forgotten about it. Made more interesting by Matt being away with work on Monday night. 

It was so lovely to see Matt's sister and family. Sophie, who's six, was kinda obsessed with me. Like 'won't let me go to the toilet alone' obsessed. She wouldn't let anyone else get her dressed, or take her to the bathroom, or get her into her pajamas, or read her a bedtime story, or...you name it, she wants me to do it. Everywhere I went, Sophie went. It was incredibly cute, especially as she randomly says super-adorable things like "I love you Beth" and after I'd tucked her in and said goodnight and was walking out of the bedroom, a little voice called out "goodnight, sweetheart". She. Is. Adorable. 

We went to the zoo...

And the National Gallery, where Sophie plonked herself down in the centre of each room and drew her own versions of the portraits, and the British Museum, where she commanded a poor retired volunteer lady to let her hold lots of exhibits. She's quite the force to be reckoned with. 

I love her. 

Since they've been gone, I've been to my lovely friend Nel's baby shower, we've been catching up on laundry, hosting Matt's stepbrother, and going to the local bonfire and fireworks display. I'm so grateful that we live in such an amazing area. 

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