Paranoid Activity

Last night/this morning someone rang our doorbell at 12.45am. This is how my thought process went: 

"What's that? I'm asleep! It's the doorbell! What time is it?...
...Twenty-five to one! Who rings a door bell at this time...?
It's probably just kids messing around..
...but there are like, no teenagers around here. 
What if it's burglars? Or someone who, when I open the door, will throw acid in my face! 
...Yeah, I'd probably better not open the door...
What if it's burglars who are going to break in now? Or what if they're setting fire to the house right now?! 
I feel sleepy - maybe that's the carbon monoxide creeping up and suffocating us! 
...I'm probably just tired because it's nighttime. I'll go back to sleep...
OMG! What if it's someone ringing the doorbell because they've been attacked and they need help and we're just leaving them to die there in the street!" 

Proof that my mind is utterly irrational in the middle of the night. 

We have no idea who rang the bell. But the absence of a broken in door, stolen possessions, fire damage and any blood trails in the street discounts at least three of my theories. 

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