Satchels are my bag

100% not a sponsored post. Like anyone pays me to write this blog!

I love satchels. I bought myself one as a birthday present (yes, a birthday present to myself. To me, from me) last year and I’ve never looked back. I use it ALL the time.

I got it from The Leather Satchel Co. It was a toss-up between these guys and The Cambridge Satchel Company but the former won out on account of the amazing colour customisation options. I maintain that I was the first person to order a loch blue and chestnut brown combination as they didn’t have a photo of that particular colour combo on their website back then. Yes, I'm staking that lame claim to non-fame. 

I also love the amount of other customisations you can do – not only colour options and patterns but also strap length, gusset depth, magnetic fasteners (THE BOMB, FYI) and a whole host of other things.

They were FAB. The customer service I received was fantastic, and totally unrivalled by any other online shopping experience I’ve had. I got emails to discuss colours, offering to send me swatches of the different colour leathers, emails to let me know when my satchel was being made in the workshop and when it was ready…it was FAB.

I’ve been meaning to write a review ever since but, you know….excuses. But on the plus side, it has given me time to see how my satchel has fared over 16 months of pretty-much-daily use. The answer: well. Very well. At first I was a little concerned about the wearing to the brown leather, especially the cracking to the brown colour on the strap, but I've learned to live with it and now I kinda like the soft, worn-in look that it has. The body of the bag still looks like new, and I use this bag A LOT. I cram it full of stuff (ipad, phone, large purse, keys, lipgloss and all manner of assorted garbage) and I don’t do anything in the way of caring for it (though I probably should…). The stitching has stayed super-strong and the leather is thick; it doesn’t mark in the rain or fade in the sun and it still feels supple.

It’s a dream.

My only complaint (against my own judgment, not The Leather Satchel Co) is that I didn’t get another in a bigger size. The 12.5” that I have is perfect for weekend days and for evenings and fits an ipad air perfectly, but it doesn’t quite stretch to accommodating all the gubbins that I cart to work sometimes – books, A4 papers, dry cleaning to drop off…

So when I got an email from them last week saying they were having a flash sale, I was IN. And I found this beauty for just £60 (down £100 on the usual retail price).

It’s the 15” briefcase satchel in London Tan and I love it.

It’s great. It fits EVERYTHING in it, and I got it monogrammed (blind embossing) for free too! I love that it has the briefcase handle and detachable strap so I can be super-fancy and pretend I’m a lawyer or a doctor or something else important that I’m not.

My only unfulfilled wish is that, because it was part of their ready-to-ship selection, it was already made up, so I couldn’t add the magnetic fasteners. They really are amazing (get them if you ever order from these guys) – I’m really lazy so I just don’t do up the proper buckle fasteners. But...c’est la vie – the price was amazing and I’m really happy with the service I got – it wasn’t quite as bespoke as last time but, let’s face it, they’re now a bigger, more popular operation but it was still well above the norm for a web-based retailer. I got emails saying the bag was in stock, in the workshop and despatched, and it arrived in less than 48 hours. A flawless transaction. 

I honestly can’t fault The Leather Satchel Co. I’ve had two great shopping experiences with them so far and will definitely buy from them again. I’d recommend them to anyone. 

Except my enemies – they can have crappy bags.

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