Shoes and Hats and Bags...oh my!

AKA accessories. 

I know, I know...I owe you this post. It seems my concept of 'tomorrow' differs a little from the generally accepted version. 

But here we are. Better late than never. The Capsule Wardrobe continues...

(I'm sorry the photos suck. No natural light during 'home' hours means awful photos. Daylight Savings Time sucks.) 


L-R: Chelsea boots from Jones, mid-heel ankle boots from Clarks. Ignore all the dirt on the left pair - I wore the to the fireworks last week and am a slovenly slattern who doesn't clean her shoes enough. Ok, ever. 

L-R: ballet flats from Accessorize, mid-heel suede boots from...I think Aldo. 

Plus a pair of black heeled pointy courts, which live at work. And I've saved room for a knee high pair of boots. Now I just need to find the right ones...


L-R: brown felt from Next, grey trilby from Accessorize


L-R: The Leather Satchel Co, Banana Republic, The Leather Satchel Co.  

Soon (maybe. Who knows with my flakiness) I'll edit my jewellery and post that. Perhaps. 

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