An accidental hiatus

So I accidentally took 2 weeks off blogging. Totally unintentionally, unlike Grace - seriously, enough now, there's only so many times I can refresh and see sweet Phoebe's grumpy face before I want to cry. I had loads of post ideas ready to go and just....didn't write them. 

As a gentle way of easing myself back in, I'll start with a no-pics, easy recap post. 

So what have I been up to with my blogging free fortnight? 

+ Work. I organise quarterly events at work and last Monday was one. Which meant a 4.30am alarm for moi and being in the office at 6am. Ick. Buuuuuuuut it's my last one as I finished work on Friday to start a new job (same department, different team). Yay!

+ Another 'last' - Tuesday was the last time I fulfilled my duties as secretary to my church's PCC. I blogged here about needing to cut back on the extra-curriculars and this is one of the things that didn't make the cut. I've not been connecting with the church as I used to of late, and while I 
I've giving my time to the church it just isn't the right fit for me right now. 

+ Doctors/hospital tests. I'm still avec weird pains and sans diagnosis. I had a gynae appointment last week that concluded along the lines of "there might be something wrong, there might not. That fibroid on your ovary might cause problems for you conceiving, or it might not. We could do tests but they might compromise your fertility so...". But on the plus side my first set of bloods came back all ok (thyroid, cholesterol, LH, FSH, prolactin, blah blah...) and so did the lovely swabs the gynae took and I had my day 21 progesterone bloods drawn and....I think everything's ok. I haven't talked to the doctor about it yet, but the receptionist read me the results and a quick consult with Dr Google suggest they're A-ok. So good news but no explanation of the weird pains yet. 

+ Researching photography. I've been meaning to try out photography for...I dunno, years?? But have never got around to doing it and I've decided...2015 is the year. So I've been busy talking to the filming guys at work and researching cameras and lens prices (£2k for a lense, anyone?) and working out what I'm gonna get. It's very exciting. Made more so when I played with the work camera guy's camera (nearly went with 'equipment' then but erased it as it looked seriously dodgy)  at the event last week and I don't wanna blow my own trumpet but...5 mins of playing around with it and I'm not half bad. We used my photos on our intranet instead of his. I can't wait to have my own camera to practise with! 

+ Arguing with the other half. The less said about that the better, I think. 

+ New starts. Today I started my new job. So far it's a little underwhelming. I'd forgotten that feeling of being the new girl, when you don't know anything and sort of twiddle your thumbs, 'reading your way into' the subject area, trying not to look too useless even though you know you are and trying not to do anything that will make your new colleagues hate you. 

In summary, I'm back, baby! With lots of exciting posts and series coming your way. Hopefully. 

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