Fake Christmas

Yesterday was Christmas in our house. It was weird, having 'Christmas' when it's not actually Christmas Day.

But we did our best - we had presents, Matt cooked a roast (chicken, not Turkey - twice in one week would definitely be overkill), we ate far too much and watched ALL of The Lord of The Rings films. 

I got Matt: a cookery book from one of our favourite restaurants, Polpo; a second controller for his PS4 so he can play games with his friends (yeah, I know, he's 35); a PS4 game; some of his favourite chocolate; another book; and a shirt. 

Here's Matt opening one of his presents so you can really imagine you were there [eyeroll]: 

He got me: some animal socks (I pretty much LIVE in animal socks at the moment); 

a fox hat (photos to follow when I've got up the courage to wear it outside); some champers, my favouritte gin; 

and a phoography book and some money towards my camera - yay! 

Here's some more photos of Matt opening other presents we were given as a couple, just in case you aren't bored already: 

(thanks, Sam!) 

(thanks, Mary Ann and Andy!) 

We also ate cheese and drank the 'emergency' mini bottle of cheap wine Matt has been carrying around in his wash bag for the past few months (don't ask...) and some much nicer Prosecco. 

And for anyone who's wondering, we had a great time but...no cigar. No Magic Ring either. 

I know it was never going to happen, but I'm allowing myself to feel a little bit sad. Especially when I logged into Facebook and saw another friend announce her pregnancy (two in ONE WEEK!). Yay for them, cue a fair amount of "when will it be my turn?" questioning and a little cry from me. 

Oh well, 2015 is a new year. Maybe this year I finally get to feel the excitement of someone wanting to commit to a future with me... Or maybe not. 

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