Newsflash! No more crappy photos!

Have you SEEN how bad my photos are? Of course you have. You just haven't been able to make out what the photos are actually of because they look like they've been taken from inside an old sock. And my iPhone can only take four photos before the battery freaks out and dies, because it is old and decrepit and shit. 

Worry no more, dear readers, for after harping on about it for months I have purchased a new, fancy camera! [pause to hear echoes of "oooooh" and "ahhhhhhh"] 

Coming to a blog near you (just as soon as I work out how to use aforementioned new camera)...better quality photos! 

Disclaimer: they may not actually be better, due to the ineptitude of the person taking them. However, I have booked a beginners course, so am obviously assuming I'll be the next Henri Cartier Bresson within about three months. Also, I cannot guarantee the odd iPhone/ipad photo won't still appear here. Especially over the next couple of weeks, as I have a backlog of photos and posts I keep meaning to put up. But you get the idea. 


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