Tonight I was going to write a really upbeat post about how I've been dreaming so much about all the things I could do with my life, and how I feel really positive about maybe actually achieving my dreams one day, and how I'm feeling so much more positive about life this week...

...and now I've got myself caught up in a major panic about losing the blog post I've been sent for tomorrow, so I'm in a flap, snapping at Matt and I've just burned the cakes I was baking for my work team day tomorrow because I was so distracted with the lost blog post issue. I'm generally feeling pretty crappy.

So I'm going to try to counter that by focussing on the positives of today.

+ It was my last day in the office before Christmas. Sure, I have to work a little from home on Monday, but I don't have to go into the office until 5 January. 2015 - how weird does that look?!

+ I went to Pilates tonight, even though I was feeling tired, and it made me feel one hundred times better.

+ At pilates, I did the harder option whenever it was given and didn't wimp out. And I was pretty good! I can definitely feel and see myself getting stronger again. I wish I'd gone back sooner!

+ Yesterday at work (ok, not today, I know) I got notification that I've got a (very small, but still) bonus for something I've been working on recently.

+ Even if I don't feel it right now, I have been feeling so much more positive this week. And I'm sure I'll feel great again soon, just as soon as I get over this panic!

+ Until 30 minutes ago, I felt like anything was possible. Which probably means that it is, and this is a teeny tiny temporary blip.

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