Some nice things

+ my bluetooth keyboard arrived in the post yesterday. I am SUPER exited about this. Now I can't use the 'I don't have a computer, only an ipad' excuse for never posting on this blog or replying to emails or writing that (probably godawful) novel I started years ago. You know, until I find a new excuse. I love the keyboard. It's got some cool clickiness going on with the keys and it's really tiny and pretty and it makes me happeeeeeeee. 

I know, I need to get a life. And some better lighting in our flat. 

+ We got our tree last night. I've named him Kurt (see, if this blog was popular I'd be facing a barrage of GOMI abuse right now for naming him. He called out to me from across the yard at the garden centre and I just knew before the guy opened him up that he was our tree. Matt thinks I'm lying, and that it's dumb to name a tree. 

But isn't he cute? Hashtags Christmas! 

We've gone minimalist-slash-cheapskate and are only doing lights. 

+ After we got our tree we had a few people over for Christmas drinks. I forgot to take photos. It was great - we drank too much and me and Melodie sang duets from Wicked while everyone else begged us repeatedly to stop. We ignored them. We ate brownies. We played Bananagrams. The boys cheated. 

+ On Wednesday I had my work Christmas do. I felt horrific the next day but it was a good evening. My team won the quiz so I got custody of Transport Ted, the roving trophy, until the next quiz. Matt hates him. I put him on the breakfast table the next day and Matt said "what is that?! He looks all creepy and weird. I don't like him. Take him away!". He was not happy when I imparted the information that Ted now lives with us. He keeps taking horrible photos of Ted like this one: 

This does not make me happy. 

+ Matt and I went out for brunch this morning. It was good. I heart eggs royale. So much. 

+ Then we went to Woking to visit Matt's aunt and uncle, which was nice. His uncle had a heart attack a week ago (definitely not nice) and Matt has been really worried as he's close to his uncle so it was good to visit them. While we were there we all skyped in to his grandma's 90th birthday party too, which was really sweet and it meant I got to 'meet' (virtually, at least) his grandma and grandad and see some more of his family that we haven't seen for a few months. 

A less nice thing:

+ I got judged by the maintenance guy who came around to measure up for blinds (which will hopefully be less ugly than the current blue and yellow monstrosities - can I just say how much I hate the colour combo? So 90s and so not good.) and as soon as I opened the door he said "you're in your 'jammies! Last time I came round you were in your 'jammies!" Yeah, I like to wear pajama trousers around the house, ok? I was dressed on the top half (a fact I pointed out to him in an attempt as defence, but I think make me look even more sad and petty than if 'd just said nothing) and I've totally been outside today, it's not like I just rolled out of bed and hung out in my PJs all day. not that there's anything wrong with that; I mean, it's 90% of my Saturdays right now. 

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