Adventures in Crafting: Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafts? We're a third of the way through January, Beth - what use is this to anyone?

Yes, yes, I know what the date is. But this isn't a 'how to make amazing crafts with which to decorate your home for Christmas/bestow upon your grateful relatives' type of post. This is more a 'look, I made some stuff recently and it's only about 95% crappy!' type of post. I'm proud, even if you're not. If you were after the former type of post, in manic over-preparedness for next Christmas, look away now. Maybe run yourself a nice bath or read a book or eat a sausage roll. 

Let's start with the knitting, shall we? 

I'm dreadful at knitting. My grandma 'taught' me (and I use that term loosely) when I was four. I haven't advanced much since. About 18 months ago I decided that I was going to 'get into' knitting. I watched a few YouTube videos on how to do some stitches and then I knitted myself a strange, chunky scarf/snood/neck-warmer affair. Here it is: 

Buoyed by my small success and new-found enthusiasm I announced that everyone would be getting gorgeous, hand-knitted presents that year. My mum requested a strange scarf/snood/neck-warmer, my step-dad wanted a stripey scarf, I even promised my sister a nice cable-knit sweater. I failed to deliver. I got to December and lost the little momentum I had in November and just bought everyone gifts instead. 

So, this (last) December I resolved to try again. I dug out the beginnings of my Mum's scarf, cursing my choice to use thin wool and skinny needles and set about trying to finish it. I hadn't even started the stripey step-dad scarf, so that needed a lot of work. I bought some wool. I learned how to change colour (though I'm still not convinced I'm doing it right). I used fatter needles for the stripey scarf. and I finished both projects. Hoorah! Here they are: 

and me modelling the stripey scarf...(poor light, iphone, pre-camera, yada yada)...

I might even attempt something more exciting next, once I've got over the horror of having to spend every waking minute knitting to finish them in time. 

Next up: baby shoes. 

I make baby shoes. It's the one thing I can make. I made a pair for a friend's baby in 2008-ish, then made another pair for another friend's baby in 2012. In 2008 I had a sewing machine. In 2012 I did them by hand. I'll let you guess which was harder. Here they are: 

I promised a pair to a friend who had a baby in April 2013, but never followed through. I started a pair for Lily, my friend Fliss' baby who was born last July, but so far I've completed half a pair. I'm sure you can see I was on a roll. 

But when my friend Nel had her baby in December, I was determined to have a pair ready for when I met the new Master Godfrey. I had intended to have them ready for the baby shower in November. I spent HOURS working on them in the days leading up to it, trying to scale down the pattern to make them a better fit for his little feet, as she knew she'd be having him at 37 weeks. I failed (there really is a pattern in this post, isn't there?). Anyone who has ever....well, met me will tell you that maths is not my strong suit so the scaling went awry and I had to give up. Well, I finally finished them and gave them to her when I met little Kit last weekend. Here they are: 

I can only make these in one size, which is roughly 6-10 months-ish. 

And this weekend I WILL finish little Lily's pair. Here it is: 

Matt seems to think I should make some sort of kitchen business out of this. Only one size? Takes about five hours to make each pair? Erm....no. 

Much talented... So artist... Nope. 

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