Back To a Work Day.

I know the official 'worstest most miserable day in the world ever' isn't until later in January (how do I remember these things?) but I've got to tell you, this morning was a close contender. 

Back To Work Day. It really sucks. Matt and I have decided to institute a new routine for 2015, which involves the alarm going off at 6.15am, every day. We've theorised that it might make us less tired as we're getting up at the same time every day, so our bodies will come to expect it, rather than our usual sometime-after-six-and-before-eight o'clock wake-up. 

But, my gosh, was it hard this morning! Especially when, as I was staring at the ceiling wishing I could stay in bed for another ten-to-forty hours, Matt slammed on the overhead light. With NO WARNING. That sort of carp should be illegal. So, of course, I got grumpy with him and am trying to avoid him (not easy in our tiny place) in the hope he goes to work soon, lest my anger express itself through violent means. 

Tune in later for an exciting update. Will I make it to work? Will I fall asleep in a heap on the tube and end up in Upminster? Will I attack Matt for some other minor offence? Who knows. It's all to play for. 

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