Humpday Happies (I know)

I'm determined to be happier in 2015. Of course, I'm hoping that nice things will happen to me and that will make me happier, but being happy starts with feeling happier, and believing you are happier. You know, the Law of Attraction and Fake It 'Til You Make It and all that.

I'm going to spend more time appreciating all the good things in life. And I'm going to start by posting a weekly 'Humpday Happies' post listing some of the things that have made/are making me happy that week. Yes, I know it's Friday, but Humpday Happies has a nice ring to it and I got home from work too late last night to be bothered about writing anything. And the night before. So, here I am, a mere 48 hours late, thinking about what's making me happy right now. 

+ A new year. It's a new start, a clean slate and a WHOLE YEAR full of (h)opportunity* and excitement. Anything could happen. I find that ridiculously exciting. 

+ Things are pretty good with Matt at the moment, probably due to my overexcitement and positivity about the new year, new start shebang. It's good. 

+ Meeting this little guy. 

He's called Kit and he's my friend Nel's unbearably adorable squishy new baby. You'll have to take my word for it on the adorable front as I don't think it's right to post photos of other people's children on the internet without their permission but, I'm sure you can tell from his tiny little hands and feet, he's a cutie. He's seven weeks old now and amazing. We went to visit them on Sunday and I cuddled him all afternoon. Pure bliss. 

+ This project my friend Kerry is running on her blog. Kerry is utterly amazeballs. She's relentlessly positive, even when things aren't going her way - she broke her hip in s really nasty way in a freak jogging accident last year, aged only 24, and was house-bound for MONTHS. But she didn't let it get her down, even though she had to leave London and her friends and move back in with her parents on the souh coast. She used it as a chance to think about her life and what she wants and plan this fantastic project she's now running. I think you can still join up, and you should. Kerry will send you a daily email with something to do/think about that day - so far I've only managed the 'think about' challenges, but it's such a fab idea I just had to share it. 

+ Writing. I'm managing to (very infrequently) write. Just a little bit at a time, and mostly I just stare at the screen and feel inadequate and don't know what to say, but I'm trying. And that's a start. 

+ Photography. I haven't managed much yet, but I'm loving it. Here's a few of my early snaps. Hopefully I'll get better soon! 

Apparently I like taking pictures of walls. 

+ A weekend full of nothing. We have nothing planned for this weekend. I'll do a pilates class, and we're going for dinner on Saturday night, but that's about it. I really need a nothing weekend after the shock to the system of the first week back at work. I can't wait. 

+ Matt's taking me for a date to our favourite restaurant on Saturday. I'm excited to spend time with him, to put a dress on and go out, and to have some amazing food. 

What's making you happy at the moment? Have you managed to find some happy amongst the grey and wet of the first week back at work? 

*does anyone else have problems saying 'opportunity' without an 'h', after watching Confessions of a Shopaholic? 

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