More Belated Humpday Happies

Yes, it's not Wednesday. Again. But I've been ill for the past few days and yesterday I couldn't even get out of bed. Today I've made it to the sofa. Baby steps. 

I'm finding it hard to think of positives when I've been laid up in bed, but here goes: 

+ I'm getting better! Yay! Or, at least, it feels that way right now. Which is great. I haven't felt this sick in years so it's so good for it to feel like it's lifting. 

+ Despite this horrible virus, I've managed to start Whole 30. It's going well so far, though that might be because I've felt like eating approximately nothing for the last few days. We'll see how long that holds up. 

+ This Saturday is my first photography course. Yay! 

Ok, that might be it for now. I blame the icky virus. 

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