Out with the old, in with the new

So that's 2014 over with. 2014 saw me: 

+ Live in 3 places (that sounds like a lot but it beats 2013's 5. It's all relative) 
+ Date two guys (plus a handful of random dreadful christian dating experiences. Never again, my friends, never.)  
+ Get together with Matt (yay!) 
+ Have two jobs 
+ Go on two holidays, but no new countries :-( 
+ Attend one wedding (only one! It's really slowed down now everyone is moving into the baby phase) 
+ See two of my closest friends have babies (not literally see that, that would be a little too much to cope with!) 

I'm going into 2015 aiming to: 

+ Spend more time figuring out what I really want from life, especially career-wise 
+ Make time for the things that interest me - especially photography (whoop woop for the new camera) and writing - 2015 will be the year I finally finish this book 
+ Spend more time with family, especially my dad 
+ Eat more healthily - the last few months of 2014 were not good for the waistline... 
+ Learn how to deal with this whole absent Magic Ring thing before it breaks me and Matt up
+ See some new places (Rome has been on my to see list forever) 

But mostly, right now, I'd like to eradicate the mice that we strongly suspect have taken up residence in our house. Please, little mousies, go away.  

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