Sunday Weekly Round-Up

This week I have mostly been: 

Doing: clearing out my wardrobe with a bit more focus, selling things on eBay, working (as usual), tackling some nagging tasks 
Making: baby shoes for Lily. I've finally finished them! 

Creating: a revised Capsule Wardrobe and a more organised kitchen (aka an excuse to buy more Kilner jars) 

Learning: how to use my camera in advance of my photography course next weekend 
Eating: nothing exciting. I need to try more new recipes. 
Drinking: no alcohol! I'm now a third of the way through Dry January and, I can honestly say, I don't miss it. Am I going to go tee total? No. But I might be more equipped to stop at one or two now. 
Wearing: the same old outfits (hence the need for a revised capsule!) 
Reading: Us by David Nicholls, Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin and my DSLR photography for dummies book!  

All photos from Amazon.co.uk 

Listening to: the radio every morning to help get my out of bed 
Enjoying: that productive feeling that comes with a new year 
Thinking: about how I can make more time for my writing. I have yet to come up with the solution
Dreaming: about how wonderful it would be to work part time. Sigh... 
Wanting: more hours in each day 
Feeling: happier and a little more organised 

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