Fatso Preggo

I'm struggling here, I really am. I've put on a disgusting amount of weight since discovering I have a baby in utero, mainly due to my mainlining carbs for the first ten weeks of pregnancy, and my failure to do any exercise whatsoever. 

This has left me sans baby bump but avec fat pooch, my jeans are a leeeeeettle too tight but I'm not quite ready for maternity wear just yet. So I'm living in stretchy fabrics, elasticated waistbands and voluminous tshirts. A definitely not stylist look. Especially when I rock out the Christmas-themed leggings and death-stare anyone who dares to questions my seasonal inappropriate attire. Reindeers aren't just for Christmas, you know. 

Add to that the fact that I'm growing out the worst fringe situation known to (wo)man and I look gross. Ick. 

What do I do? I fear the answer may involve running shoes, the outside and an earlier, shouter wake-up c/o Jillian Michaels. 

I even went so far as to restart Couch to 5k (for the umpteenth time) the other night. 

This is nicht gut. 

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