House! Bump!

What's that saying about how the most stressful things you can do in your life are buying a house, having a baby and...getting married? Divorced? Something equally seismic? 

Anyway, now that we've almost recovered from the shock of finding out we're going to be becoming a family of three a few years earlier than expected, we decided to do what any sane couple would do and try to buy a house. 

We'd planned to rent while we were in London, and then move out in maybe two to three years and buy something out of the city. But then we had a look at London prices and realised that if we were prepared to go out of town a little, we could actually afford a pretty decent, small family home. Awesome! 

Except that I'm already sensing that this is not a decision for the faint-hearted. 

Yes, I drew you a house. You're right, people should pay me for this shiz. 

Buying a house is HARD. The London market moves quicker than my ever-changing preggo moods, and just keeping up with the calls from agents, managing to see properties before they're snapped up and trying to find time to secure a mortgage is causing me more than a teensy headache. 

Added to that, the world and his wife seems to have a view on where we should buy, how much mortgage we should take out, what sort of house we should look for... Thank you but no, thank you. We won't be opting to take out the maximum mortgage we're offered (£446k - yikes!) because I don't want to be scraping around struggling to meet the repayments every month. I like having a life. I like being able to order a takeaway or buy a new top without having to calculate whether I can stretch to that and afford my house. 

So far we've seen one house and it was...bad. Not awful, but not somewhere we'd want to live. They'd marketed it as a three bedroom house. It had one good-sized bedroom, one very small one, and one large cupboard off the second bedroom. A third bedroom it was not. The house was also clearly rented out, illustrated by the family living there who hadn't bothered to go out while we viewed it (awks), the volume of crap in the house and the state it was in - dirty, scuffed walls, old carpets, bad windows... 

We've got three more viewings lined up for today and I'm scared. Mainly because we think we might really like two of the houses. The two houses that are having an Open House, a common occurrence in London and notorious for provoking the worst of all evils, the bidding war. 

I'm off to sharpen my elbows. 

In other news...

I have a bump! Go me! 

Ok, it's tiny, and it's only really there when I lie on my back, and I'm probably the only one who can tell, but...yay! 

Baby/blob at 9 weeks. 

It's like there's a little ball in my abdomen. I've tried googling 'how to feel your fundus' which sounds a LOT more exciting and x-rated than it really is, but...still not getting it. Maybe due to my reluctance to go poking my tummy too hard in case I kill the baby, or something equally nutso. 

In even otherer news, we are now just two days from my dating scan. I'll be glad when it's done so that a) I can know the baby is ok (please, please let it be ok) and b) I'm hoping it'll stop the repeated dreams about being told my baby has some condition or other. 

Keep your fingers crossed por el bebe y la casa. Danke! 

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