Six-Weekly Round Up

Yes, yes, I know. It's been almost seven whole weeks since I posted anything on the ol' blog. 

BUT I'm hoping you'll forgive me because I do have a real, bona fide, genuine excuse for the silence. 

Wow, that's big. 

That's right, folks. I'll be branching out into the world of mummy blogging in October (or next summer when I might have recovered from the shock of it all). 

We've now told the 'rents; well, mine at least*, which means I can prattle away on here until my heart's content about babies and names and nappies and nonsense. 

So, what's been going down? I've been tired, a bit queasy but only sick once, and have sore boobs. Nothing dramatic, thankfully. We're still keeping it under wraps, except for telling the whole internet, of course, and just keeping our fingers crossed that things work out. 

 Only 29 weeks and 5 days to go. Otherwise know as an eternity. 

*oh, hang on, while I've been writing this Matt has informed me that he's just told his mum. By email. You read that right. 

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