Five Random Things

Five random things that I have been contemplating lately. 

Marathons. What is it with marathons? I'm pretty sure no one used to do marathons or triathlons or iron mans (iron men?) but now this shiz is EVERYWHERE. I go to work and get shamed by my boss who is training for London in a couple of weeks (and has a three year old to care for), every time I go on Facebook someone's sharing pics of their latest finish line-crossing achievement... Just Stop It (that's my anti-Nike, anti-marathon slogan right there). Today I logged on to the big F and saw a friend/acquaintance being praised for the way her marathon training has inspired everyone else to "get off their arses and get moving". Ohhh...so other people were motivated by that? Constant chat about 20 mile runs mainly just makes me want to lie down. 

Recipes. Mama needs some new ones, stat. Right not I've got a moussaka in the oven (our fave) but my repertoire currently extends to about four meals (moussaka, lasagne, fish pie, cod/chorizo/chickpea stew) and the rest of the time it's just a combination of random mess on a plate) 

Game of Thrones. Omg I can't wait. We may just have signed up to NowTV purely for the purpose of watching this. Just, you know, to add to the Netflix and the Amazon and everything. I CANNOT wait. 24 hours-ish until I can satisfy my addiction for all things Westeros. I've binge-watched the first four seasons and it's going to be quite a novelty/difficulty for my short quota of patience to have to wait seven! whole! days! for the next episode. I'm gonna be honest, right now I may be more excited about GoT season 5 than I am about our first child. Only because this is more immediate, of course... 

Maternity jeans are actually the most comfortable thing EVER. Don't worry, I'm going to bore you to death with a whooooole post on the stupidity of shopping for maternity clothes just as soon as I can muster the energy to write one. But maternity jeans? OMG. Especially the jeggings variety. Stretchy? Check. Soft? Yes. Nice, unrestrictive jersey panel for the flab/bump? Check, check and check. 

This afternoon we went kite flying. It looked like this: 

We also ate ice cream. It was a good afternoon. Until I trapped my pinky in the kite. 

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