Sunday Weekly Round-up

This week I have mostly been: 

Eating: carbs. Vegetables are still persona non grata around here; God help this poor baby, who will probably be born with rickets or scurvy or something. I've been trying to compensate for my new-found vegetable hating by eating some fruit, but I really need to start force-feeding myself broccoli before I wind up gaining 5 stone. I have no idea how I've managed to keep the weight gain to 5lb so far. No idea at all.

Drinking: anything I can pass off as a 'fun drink' by putting it in a wine glass. If I squint and put raspberry lemonade in one, I can almost pretend I'm drinking rosé wine. Almost. 

Reading: very little. In the way of books, at least. I have loads that I want to read, but I keep going back to ol' faithful, the WWW. I've been re-reading Grace's blog and stumbled across the cause of last year's birthday horror (think projectile vomming into a washing up bowl, Matt holding my hair back, as the birthday party I was hosting carried on around me, guests occasionally looking in on my vomming, knicker-flashing self with horror). Note to anyone attempting this cocktail: Cointreau is NOT a substitute for Triple Sec. And stick to one of these bad boys. And only one. 

Wondering: whether this bebe is a girly or a boybe. I've been so sure that it's a boy for so long, but this week I decided on my favourite girls name, and now I'm convinced/want it to be a lady baby. 

Trying: (and failing) to convince Matt of my fave girls name. I've started just repeatedly saying it to him at random times (like when he says "morning!" as he wakes up, and I reply "******!"  He's not buying it. 

Feeling: pretty good. T2 beats T1, hands down. No more nausea, better sleep (except the constant peeing), normal tiredness in place of crippling exhaustion...awesome. 

Making: plans I don't follow through on to post on here more often. The pressure's on now I know I have a THIRD whole reader (Hi, Amy!) to actually write something more than my usual drivel but...I'm lazy. 

Going: back to church. I've been meaning to for ages and finally put on my big girl pants and braved it this morning. It was gooood. I felt stupid for putting it off for so long. 

Listening to: my usual eclectic mix of random. This week has seen me reacquainting myself with the Grease soundtrack and Eminem's back catalogue. Oh yes. 

Watching: season four of Homeland, finally. After the whole Brody-hanging thing I really couldn't be bothered watching season 4 when it hit the TV, but this week I binge-watched it with Matt. He was too slow to get into it and catch up, so I had to give him the whole 'CIA explosion, Brody on the run, ends up somewhere foreign, maybe Carrie gets him to go undercover or something and then he dies' précis. My memory = infallible. I was...less than impressed with S4, but it was better than I'd been led to believe by the awful reviews. I'm not sure they could drag out the is-he/isn't-he-a-terrorist story for much longer so it made sense that he had to go, and I got to fulfil my ginger-obsession quota with that baby Carrie periodically remembers she had so...not all bad. 

And, of course, GoT. Don't expect to see me anywhere but my sofa on Monday nights for the next few months (like I go anywhere anyway...) 

Wearing: the wonder that is maternity clothes. Stretchy waistbands, no zips or buttons, expanding tummy panels be mine forever. 

Wishing: time would hurry up so I could get to my 20 week ultrasound and our holiday a leetle bit quicker. Please and thank you. 

Cuddling: the most adorable days-old baby at church this morning. I did not ask his mother's permission first. But she did get me to babysit her other kids once, so she must have some faith in my childcare abilities. He was SUPER cute. If it's at all possible to feel broody while already gestating a baba, then I was that. It made it quite scary and awe-inspiring to think I'll (hopefully - still not counting my chickens/foetuses before they're hatched/born) have my own little squidge in October. 

No pictures today. CBA. Sorrynotsorry. 

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