Magazine Monday - the inaugural edition!

What's that, Beth? You don't post for weeks and then come back with some hitherto unheard of 'series'? Yup.

Catherine and I (ok, it was all Catherine. At least I think it was. I can't remember. I blame Baby Brain) came up with the idea of Magazine Monday, where we send each other a random mag to read, with the aim of a) broadening our horizons and expanding the reach of our grey matter, and b) giving us interesting things to write about on the 'ol blogs. It even has its own logo (another Catherine design), look! 

So off I trotted to our local WH Smiths, which is a treasure trove of obscure magazines and thought I was being all original and hilarious and sent Catherine 'Practical Pigs', a publication about - you guessed it - pig rearing. 

Oh so clever, I thought, picking something of the agricultural variety. That was, until I opened my own exciting delivery to find... 

'Smallholder'  - the magazine for the, er, smallholder. 

So, the things I learned from reading it: 

1. There are some awesome-looking curly-haired geese called Sebastopol geese. Who knew? 

2. We could buy a smallholding with a beautiful farmhouse, outbuildings and 34 acres of land for a mere £600,000. Living in London makes that seem quite reasonable. I mean, I'd have to, like, farm, but that's probably pretty easy, right. Ok, maybe not. 

3. We could buy a Pygmy goat! I've wanted one of those for ages. Problems as above. 

4. Grass snakes lay up to 40 eggs each year. That thought repulses me. 

5. Poor Monty (Catherine's recently departed bunny) would be turning in his shoebox grave if he could see what his mummy was promoting: 

Note the mention of ferrets and air rifles. RIP, Monty Don. RIP. 

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