The Baby Show

I was going to bring you a super-exciting post today about a) the baby, b) house-hunting or c) a general whine (ie the sum total of my life right now) but then I realised that I'd completely forgotten to tell you all about the Baby Show I went to last weekend. 

I know - fall-off-your-seat excitement, right here. 

What's the Baby Show? 
Really, you need to ask that? And you want to know the answer? Ok. It's a giant room full of people trying to flog you baby-related things. It's a closed environment full of hormonal pregnant women and screaming babies. So, hell, basically. Especially for men. Which I why I treated my mama to a discounted 'Grandparent Ticket' (yeah, she loves being reminded that she's old enough to be a grandma) and dragged her up the M40 to Birmingham with me. 

Wait a minute - Birmingham? Isn't that, like, not where you live? 
Well done, astute reader. The Baby Show also comes to London - you know, where I actually live, but the London dates were February (just found out I was preggers, didn't want to tell anyone/tempt fate/jinx anything) and mid-October (will either be in labour, have a tiny infant or be a massive, grumpy, overdue whale. Either way, not fun). So Brum it was. 

Please, Beth; won't you tell us all about the Baby Show experience? 
Well, seeing as you asked so nicely, it was...better than I expected. 

I went in with pretty low expectations, thought I'd maybe look at a few bits but not buy much. How wrong I was. Yes, it was busy and yes, there were some...interesting people there and a helluva lot of tat that I just can't see anyone ever using (but plenty were buying) but I did get some things, and for less than I would otherwise have paid. 

What did you get? 
I was determined not to buy things that weren't already on my minimalist baby list and I mostly stuck to that. I (my mum - thanks, mum!) ordered our pram and car seat, which I am very excited about. We went for the Bugaboo Cameleon (link and pic from the shop we ordered it from) and the Maxicosi Pebble Plus car seat.

I also bought some water wipes, some cute bibs from Funky Giraffe, a changing mat pouch thingy and a Gro-egg. And I got myself some well-fitting maternity/nursing bras. I cannot tell you how different my life has been this week, now I have a decent maternity bra instead of the cheapo H&M one I was wearing before. I got them from Hotmilk and I would recommend them to anyone. 

My one 'impulse buy' was this seat, which was pretty amazing

It's very sturdy (the fully grown salesman sat in it repeatedly to show us how much weight it could stand), and has a lovely swingy, rocking motion. I wasn't planning to buy a baby seat at all (poor, deprived child) but it has been pointed out to me many times by many different people that a good baby seat can be a saviour when your baby is tiny and you need to shower/cook/do anything that involves your hands. So mean mama Beth gave in and ordered one for baby R. 

We also got some freebies - cereal, quite a few baby bottles, and some baby food which was gifted to Kit, as it all goes off before this baby will be weaned. 

The show itself wasn't quite as big as I expected, though they had packed a lot in. We didn't attend any of the 'catwalk' shows or advice sessions, and I had no need of the baby changing station or crèche, so I have no idea how they rated. The food offering, however, was poor. The hot food outlet had nowhere near enough seating space, and everything they served seemed to come with chips, and a double side of grease. We went to the overpriced coffee outlet and had some distinctly average pre-packed sandwiches. 

Getting there was fairly straightforward, though the car parking at the NEC was not well-labelled, cue my mum getting a bit worked up and one of the only incidents of her swearing that I can remember ever. The shuttle bus was well-needed (though rammed with buggies) and swift, and we didn't have to queue for too long to get on. 

I have yet to see if/when my ordered items will show up... 

All in all a good, but tiring, day out. 

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