7QT: 26.06.15

I'm linking up with some peeps on the interwebs who don't know me and probably don't want an uninvited link up to bring you seven quick takes for your Friday. 

1. We found out yesterday that we get to stay in our flat - woop! Yes, I'd rather be in our very own family home when the baby arrives but this is a good Plan B. So now I'm on to making it as compatible as possible with our imminent lifestyle change. 

2. We went to an art auction at my church on Wednesday. My church is raising money for some building work they want to do, and part of that fundraising was an art event, complete with art for sale, a silent auction and a...non-silent auction. We won a piece at the silent auction - this photo does not in any way do it justice but I didn't want to unwrap it.  

Isn't it great? I'm already imagining it on the wall of our new dining room. You can't really tell from the photo, but it has SO much detail - I could stare at it for hours and still find new things to read. Who knows, maybe it'll inspire me to be a little more disciplined and open my bible more than once in a blue moon. 

3. I have finally managed to sell my dressing table and spare bookcase that I've been trying to get rid of for ages, freeing up some room for the baby, and making a teeny bit of money for Mama to spend on more baby clothes. Yay! 

4. On the subject of baby clothes, I think I almost have everything I need for the first three months! 

I may have gone overboard on leggings, but there are too many cute patterns and colours and I've got a little bit obsessed. I'm not even a little bit ashamed about that. 

5. While we're discussing baby leggings, I've been meaning to wax lyrical for aaaaages about the fabulous Nell over at Whole Parenting Family. Not only does she have a great blog, adorable kiddos and manages to look amazing all the time, but she also makes gorgeous baby clothes - leggings, blankets, burp cloths, bandit bibs, skirts...she also does lady leggings from time to time (Nell, please do some more maternity ones soonest!) and she's soon to be selling baby caps too. I think I have a mama-crush on Nell (can I be her, please?). Here are the pairs I bought from her recently: 

Also, she puts cute handwritten notes in the prettiest parcels. 

If anyone wants to get me a baby gift, pretty please ask Nell to make me a big blanket in the cute donkey print. Okays? Just FYI. 

6. The baby has been driving me kind of crazy the last few days. Sometimes she has a quiet day where I don't feel much, but after three quiet days in a row I schlepped to the hospital yesterday to get checked out. She's fine, and typically has been kicking up a storm today to make up for it. I LOVE it when she kicks - I giggle every single time and praise her for it. I'm sure I'll be tired of that in another ten weeks! 

7. I am definitely in the market for some anti-oedema remedies. My left leg seems to swell up almost every day at the moment, at least when I'm working and I can't put it up regularly. What can I do to stop this? Yup, cankles - I really know how to finish on a glamorous high. 

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