You may have noticed some changes around these parts. What? You haven't? Ok, first, you need glasses. New template and a real web address, peeps! 

I registered a couple of domain names last November (yup, you read that right; that's how lazy I am) but it's taken me a good seven months to get around to working out how to use them with Blogger. But now, look! You can type in www.jiggerybloggery.com OR www.jiggerybloggery.co.uk and get right here! No pesky .blogspot to have to remember to type! Though blogger is still amazing, and I'm still using it for the blog. But you can't get all crazy and forget the wwws, because I haven't got around to working the wizardry (yes, I believe the Internet works purely by magic - it's clear why someone as tech-savvy as me has a blog, huh?) that will allow the lackadaisical approach of www removal. 

Aaaaand I decided that I needed to celebrate the new blog addy with a nice new theme. You know, one not 'designed' by way of me playing around with random colours and fonts until I come up with something slightly better than crap. 

You must be so proud of me. 

I paid actual real money for this template and everything. Mahussive thanks to the lovely Leanne of Brand Me Beautiful and her wonderful off the peg templates. Hoorah for people with actual magical Internet powers! 

Now I just need to a) stop using crappy iPhone pics (remember when I promised that before?), b) get over my phobia of self-promotion and stop waiting for readers to magically fall into my lap, and c) learn to write betterer. 

I bet you can't wait. 

In the meantime, I leave you with this - my work Internet has decided I am A Bad Person. 

Yup, I'm obscene and tasteless. 

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