7QTs (the neglectful blogger edition)

I haven't written in here in ages (quelle surprise), so what have I been doing that's oh so important that I've neglected you something silly? 

Well, not a lot. 

1. Last weekend we did go to Devon. My folks have a second house down there (I know, we're super lucky) that we don't take nearly enough advantage of, but last weekend we endured the worst customer service in the history of the world at the car rental company to drive down there (no, you can't add your second driver like you wanted... yes, we are going to charge you for it anyway... Oh, we're trying to give you a smaller vehicle than you requested and paid for - what do you mean that's not ok? And we know you said you had to be out of here by 8.30 to make your hospital appointment but we haven't actually got the car ready yet...) - I had a total preggo lady meltdown which scared the manager into action and resulted in him almost screaming "who has the keys? Where are the keys? Just go - drive!" for fear I might murder him. 

It was a lovely weekend. No proposal, which gave me a major case of Sadface, but Matt helpfully told me once we'd got home that he had been carrying the ring around in his pocket the whole time, except the one moment he felt like doing it, so didn't. Boys should be banned. 

We went out for dinner, ate fish and chips on the beach, had way too much ice cream (luckily before I called the hospital - see below), walked along the beach, spent some time with my grandma, and visited Fliss and Lily. It was good. Here are some photos of Matt rockpooling to illustrate what a rip-roaring fun time we had: 

Looking out to sea: 

And a bump one of me: 

2. I had my 28 week hospital appointment. Not one for the needle-phobic. I had standard bloods done, some extra ones to check liver function as my blood pressure was a little high (totally not surprising as we'd just come from the car rental experience from hell), a mini glucose tolerance test  (drink some lucozade then get stuck with a needle), and my Anti-D injection for my silly Rhesus negative blood. But we did get to hear mini Reed's heartbeat, and my bump is measuring just right, so aaaaaaall good. At least it was until... 

3. I called up on Monday for my blood results and got the nasty news that my glucose was a little high. So now I have to have a full GTT next week for even more needly fun (don't eat, get poked, have some sugar, wait an hour, get poked, wait another hour, get poked again). There's a chance I might have developed gestational diabetes, which really doesn't fill me with joy. I should be concerned because it raises my risk (and the baby's) of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life, and I am, but I'm mainly concerned with the associated risk of giant baby. I have no interest in birthing a 10lb baby. None at all. If this baby turns out to be a fatty whopper I plan on crying until they agree to give me a c-section. JK...maybe. 

4. We started our baby prep proper this week by going to our first antenatal class. We had booked NCT, but changed our minds a few weeks back and instead are with Doctor & Daughter. I know we have nothing to compare it to, but we are really glad that we switched. They're fab - totally unpreachy and very open, and I'm loving the combination of their experience (Rebecca as a mum of two and Roger as a very experienced consultant obstetrician). This week's session covered being healthy in pregnancy (which I definitely needed advice on!), including food, exercise, sex, pregnancy health issues and complications to watch out for, and we had a session with a pilates instructor and pelvic floor physio who taught us how to do pelvic floor exercises properly. I did feel a little weird at the point (kegels made me feel like I want to vom) but I came away feeling more knowledgeable about how to do them, and more informed about why I really need to make them more of a priority! I'm really looking forward to our next class. 

5. I finally ordered our Moses basket. I know I'd said I wasn't going to get one, but we're not going to be in the new house in time for the baby's arrival and I've realised there isn't enough space next to our bed for a proper cot! I've been 'needing' a reason to order this pretty Moses basket (so much more 'me' than a traditional wicker thing) and that's just the ticket. 

Photo from johnlewis.com, which is where I bought mine. But I went for a white stand instead. 

6. In even more baby prep, I've started looking at nurseries for our little one - something I meant to do about 17 weeks ago, but ineffectiveness has got in the way... Yep, you read that right, in London you have to register for a nursery before your child is even born. Some places the second you've discovered you are really having a baby. Madness. I've seen two so far - the first was ok, but I felt it was too structured for tinies and it didn't give me a warm feeling (plus they said they couldn't even guarantee I'd get a place, despite registering 15 months in advance!). The second was much better - it seemed very caring and safe and lovely. I've still got two more to see, but I think the second one's a strong contender.

7. Not about me, but have you seen Catherine's news? Isn't it great? I'm so excited about my baby having a little playmate so close in age. I already have them pegged as BFFs/future spouses so they'd better get along. Or else. 

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