Bad Blogger Beth

I'm a bad blogger. I know that. I have a whole ream of half-drafted posts sitting on my ipad and nary the motivation to finish or post any of them. I suck. 

I want to post, but I just can't find the motivation. I've reached the stage of pregnancy where everything feels like A LOT of effort, and so just managing one thing per day - going to work, getting to hospital appointment, running a few errands - feels like enough of an achievement for the day. 

I'll be honest . I'm feeling a bit blue at the moment. Nothing major, but just a bit low. I think it's a combination of: 
+ tiredness: I haven't slept through the night since  was five weeks pregnant. That's over six months of not having a good night's sleep, Yes, yes, I know - I should get used to it because that's going to be my life for the next few years. And during the day I get SO tired. 
work. I am SO ready to finish now, but I have another 4 weeks to go. Next week I also have a two-day course with an exam at the end, and I literally have no idea how I'm going to be able to stay alert all day, study in the evenings and make it through an exam at the end of day 2. 
+ the (new) house. I'm pretty sure the chain is going to collapse now, and I just can't deal with any more of the agent's vagaries and excuses about why nothing is happening. 
+ the (current) flat. I know I've whinged about the amount of huge pine furniture owned by the landlord, the horrid blue carpet and the scuffed walls many a time but it is DRIVING ME MAD. I really didn't want to have the baby here but we have no other option, and we're pretty lucky that our landlord is letting us stay. I'm trying really hard to make the best of it but, no matter how much I clean/tidy/try to declutter, the place still looks like a crap-heap. And now it's crap-heap covered in baby stuff. 

BUT I promise I will be back soon with a vengeance. After all, how else will you all survive without constant updates on my pregnancy, house and general woes? Exactly. 

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