Baby Shower!

I've realised I still haven't told you about my lovely baby shower that the wonderful Catherine threw me last Saturday.

I'm lazy (blame that 37 week foetus for that) so I'm going to do it largely through the medium of photograph. Props to Catherine for also taking many of these beauties. 

We went to a little place called Betty Blythe's, which is midway between Kensington Olympia and Shepherds Bush (yes, all my reference points are tube stations. Welcome to London living). It was really cute, but veeeeery small, so it was a good job we were a bijou party of 8 (plus two littlies). 

They have a rather cute set-up, with vintage style clothing you can play dressing up with (I do love to indulge my inner four year old). Sadly, the combination of a small downstairs room, zero air con and an unseasonably warm for September day meant it was far too hot to even contemplate additional layers. I wanted to take a leaf from Lily's book and just sit on the floor in a vest. Unfortunately, I'm not fourteen months old, so I didn't think it was acceptable. 

The food was good - cute little sandwiches, amazing cakes (so many we took them home), scones, macarons... YUM. And I was thoroughly spoilt with some amazing presents. I have such fab friends. 

We also had some fun decorating bibs, and trying to force various hats onto an unsuspecting Lily. 

The best part was, of course, getting to hang out with some fab friends before little Miss Reed arrives. Including my mum and sister...

And this gorgeous lady and her super-cute bump. 

36 vs 21 weeks. 

It was great. 

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