You may have noticed I've taken a bit of an extended break from the blog. A 1.5 month break... Given that my last post was about ways to induce labour, you've probably guessed the reason for my absence: 

Annika Grace, born Saturday 3rd October. 

It's taken me a while to update here because, well, I've been a bit busy. 

Having a baby is amazing. Like, totally amazing but totally all-consuming. My life revolves entirely around nappy changes and feeds and burping and clearing up milk sick and attempting to get out the front door once in a while. I am completely loving it, but all those things I told myself I was going to do on maternity leave "while the baby naps"? Never Going To Happen. I'm not sure about your baby, but mine rarely naps unless it's on me, rendering me completely incapable of doing anything other than clicking 'yes' when Netflix asks me, for the tenth time today, whether I am STILL watching Suits. Thanks for the judgment, Netflix, and yes - I am. On the rare occasions when she does nap in her Moses basket for longer than ten minutes, I either run around like a Tasmanian devil trying to simultaneously do the washing up, put on a load of laundry and start packing* or I sit there, staring at her tiny sweet sleeping face like a loon. 

I've also been wrestling with whether I want to keep up the blog. I'm still not 100% decided so I may not be around forever, but we'll see. Becoming a mama has made me fiercely protective of my little one and her safety and it's also led me to reevaluate what I do with my time. I love writing. LOVE it. And I really would love to make a career out of it. But I'm not sure having a blog is the best way to do that. I mean, it's not as if I have a thriving readership (*ahem* four readers) and if I'm spending time writing, I might be better off writing something that someone might read. But we'll see. 

*To add to all the hectic, we also move house tomorrow - yay! We are finally moving! - so I guess this is a belated apology for the past month's absence and an advance apology for the inevitable future absence while I'm unpacking/decorating/waiting for Internet connection. 

I shall be back at some point in the future, maybe, with all the gross deets of Annika's birth for your...enjoyment.  

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