Phew! // 2015 in Review

It has been a big year for us. A massive, game-changer of a year. And I have LOVED it! 

January - I did Dry January for the first time. I found it pretty easy and I'm pretty sure it led to...

February - On 3 February I discovered I was pregnant with what we were sure was a boy baby. Whoop! I also enjoyed what was to be my last full night of sleep for many months (possibly years) 

March - we had our 12 week scan, became even more convinced I was carrying a boy, and we started house hunting, finding a great little 2-bed house 

April - my control-freakery led us to discover that the great little house wasn't all it seemed, and I told my boss I was having a baby  

May - we said goodbye to the great little house, found a bigger and better house, Matt turned 36, we discovered we were having a lady baby at our 20 week scan and we took the world's worst holiday to Gran Canaria 

June - stuff happened, but it must have been largely uneventful as I can't remember it! 

July - I turned 29, got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and we had a fun weekend away in Devon 

August - Matt started a new job, I counted down the weeks to finishing mine and I got to grips with a lack of sugar and an excess of finger-pricking  

September - Catherine threw me a fab baby shower, I finished work and started maternity leave, Matt proposed (I accepted) and I desperately tried to induce labour 

October - on 3 October we welcomed baby Annika into our lives, the rest of the month passed in a blur of hospital stays, learning to breastfeed and dealing with sleepless nights

November - we completed on our house purchase on 20 November and moved in the next day 

December - we started to make our home our own and we had our first Christmas as a family! 

Best part of the year: obviously meeting Annika! It was a fantastic year all-round - I loved being pregnant and can't wait to do that again some day, we got engaged and bought our own home. I honestly don't know how 2016 will even try to compare! 

Happy New Year, y'all - I hope it's a good 'un. 

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