Around here lately

Here we are, Little Miss Couldn't-Care-Less and her over-enthusiastic mother 

Lately we have mostly been: 

+ Sucking thumbs (Annika, not me). Well she was, for about a fortnight, but now she's lost her left thumb and instead is favouring her index and middle fingers on her right hand. At least she's stopped ramming them down her throat until she gags. For now. 

+ Battling eczema, still. My poor little bubs has regular flare ups that make her skin red, rashy, itchy and weepy (the lesser known, grosser cousins of the seven dwarves), along with blood and mucus in her poop. I know, I always treat you to the best deets of our lives. The worst part was when she produced so much mucus in her throat that she choked on it and stopped breathing. Super scary.  I've cut out pretty much everything from my diet and, so far, I think it's an allergic reaction to dairy, soy and peanuts. At least I can eat gluten again for the moment. We do have a referral to see the allergy docs at the hospital, but it's not until the end of April. APRIL! 

+ Waking up a lot more. Mostly Annika, but has an obvious knock-on effect on me. Thanks, early four month sleep regression. She's currently feeding more at night than during the day, which is seriously not fun, but if one more person tells me to give her a bottle of formula at bedtime to help her sleep through, I might get stabby. I have nothing against formula, but it's not for me right now. I imagine gin would have the same effect, but I'm not going to feed her a bottle of Gordon's at bedtime either. 

+ Eating. A lot. That one's both of us. I'm avoiding the scales like the plague. I lost the baby weight pretty quickly, and have dropped a bit more since as I was erring on the side of F-A-T when I conceived, but I still have 7lb to go and it's not going to go anywhere if I keep stuffing my face with chips and chocolate and ice cream. Yum. 

+ Contemplating wedding planning (more on that later). And man, it is HARD. Mainly because our budget will stretch to a skanky community centre and a few plates of cheese and pineapple on sticks. But I did buy a dress (totally normal when you don't have a date or a venue or anything else, right?) 

+ Not doing enough DIY. We 75% finished the dining room, had the windows done and then...just stopped. I'm scared we might just get accustomed to our surroundings and not bother with the rest of the house. I'm contemplating doing something batshit like ripping up the carpet in the bedrooms or writing the C word up the stairs in tester pots to force us to get back on the decorating wagon. (Does 'wagon' have one or two Ls? It looks wrong either way) 

+ Working. That one's Matt. Mwuh ha ha ha.... I should stop gloating, my maternity leave is one third over already. Sadface. 

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