Happy New Year! 2016... The big 3-0 looms. It feels odd to think I had a baby "last year". It feels like yesterday. But then last year was, quite literally, yesterday. 

Right. Stop rambling and get on with it. What am I going to do this year, besides clean up poop and milk sick? 

Goals for 2016 (for that's what they are - something to aim for rather than a resolution to break): 

+ blog more. As is my resolution every January. Maybe this year I'll even keep it. 
+ lose that final 10lb 
+ finish decorating the house (for now. I'm sure it'll end up being an ever-evolving thing!) 
+ cut down on mindless screen time. Whether that's watching Netflix while I feed the baby, or my endless checking of Facebook all day. There are so many better uses of my time. This is going to be a hard one for me as it's become so much a part of my daily routine, but it needs to stop! 
+ get better at keeping in touch with people. Texts, emails, calls, letters... I am SO bad at keeping up with friends and family and I really should get better. I think I need to set aside a set time each day to do this 
+ implement some sort of routine when it comes to keeping the house in a reasonable state. My grasp on housework has completely slipped since Annika was born and boy, does it show 
+ plan a wedding! 
+ finish the Bible in One Year, instead of getting to March and quitting because I've got too far behind 
+ finish a Whole30 and try harder to crack my sugar addiction 
+ get to the end of 30 Day Shred, rather than deciding level two is too hard and giving up 

I think that's probably enough for one year. What are your goals for 2016? 

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