Months, that is. I'm not that bad at remembering to blog. 

So my little Squeaker is three whole months old today. HOW did that happen?! I was watching a video this morning that I took of her in hospital when she was brand new, all red and scrunchy and whirling her sweet little hands around in that way tiny babies do. I'll be honest, I had a little nostalgic cry because that tiny scrunchy baby is long gone. But the one in her place is pretty darn awesome too. Here's what Annika is up to at 3 months old: 

+ wearing a bizarre mix of clothing sizes. I don't know whether it's shops' inability to make consistent sizes (e.g. Jojo babygros are for short, fat babies and M&S are for tall lean ones) or the fact my little chunk has a long (and pretty rotund) torso and little legs, arms and feet, but two days ago she was wearing a vest and cardigan in 3-6m, 0-3m leggings and a top made for babies up to 1 month. Cray. 

+ using her voice. A lot. She likes to shout when she wants something, and her cry has completely changed from her tiny baby mewing into a really funny, short "wwwwAH!" sound that is accompanied by the saddest little frown you've ever seen. She also coos and 'talks' a lot, especially when she wakes up in the morning. 

+ co-sleeping, which I never thought I'd do (more on this in a later post, probably). She sleeps so well when she's next to me and I absolutely adore waking up and seeing her sweet, peaceful face next to me. When she wakes up she gives me a huge, gummy grin and it instantly melts my heart. 

+ suffering a lot with an as-yet-undiagnosed skin condition. I don't know whether it's eczema or an allergic reaction to something (my money's on the latter) but my poor baby is covered in an itchy rash. I eliminated dairy and soy from my diet on the doctor's advice and have now eliminated all allergens (dairy, soy, peanuts, gluten) as it has recently got worse after a period of improvement. Poor Annika is also having to endure the embarrassment of wearing socks on her hands as she claws at her chest and face if they're left uncovered :-( Despite this, she's still...

+ smiling lots, and trying to laugh - but so far only a panting noise comes out! She clearly finds some things highly amusing, mostly her best buddy Pegowl and a creepy musical bunny from 1986 that belonged to me as a baby. 

+ eating a lot. This girl loooooves her milk. And her mama loves feeding her, even if the last feed of the day before the bedtime feed is mostly Annika messing around and pulling at my nipple (ouch!). I'm hoping I can work out what's making her skin so irritated so I can keep feeding her myself.

+ shoving her hands in her mouth at every given opportunity. It started with the fist sucking and now she does this horrible thing where she sticks her index and middle finger down her throat and then gets surprised when it makes her gag. Crazy baby. 

+ getting stronger day by day. She's always had good head control (she could lift her head at about two days old!) and she's pretty adept at the tummy time push ups, but she doesn't show any signs of rolling over yet. I'm part worried that she should be doing it by now, and part relieved that I don't have to worry about the associated risks (rolling onto her tummy and not being able to get back over) just yet. 

+ getting pretty heavy. She was 13lb 4oz at her last weigh in so she must weigh over a stone by now. It's great she's growing so well but the strain on my back from the Close Caboo sling (review to come) is getting a little tough. I'm desperate to move her to the Ergo but she hates the infant insert and that needs to stay in until she's 4 months, so the pram may be getting more use than normal over the next four weeks! 

+ reaching for things and batting her toys. She particularly likes to push her BFF Pegowl over. I'm letting it slide for now, but will be on the look-out for bullying tendencies as the years progress! 

She seems to change every day, she learns new skills with alarming speed and I'm so excited to find out what she's going to do next. I just don't want her to grow up too quickly! 

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