Awesome Valentine's gifts // Things I like

We're still in the land of phlegm and Calpol over here so no exciting happenings to report. Just a whole lotta mucous and not much sleep. So instead I've carefully crafted a post of pretty things to, ahem, capture your attention. 

It's V-Day this weekend (not to be confused with VE Day, VJ Day, or Vajay Day, which I seem to remember Matt and... Alex? going wild over last year). Yup, Valentine's. 

Now, we don't really go in for V Day as a couple, though I have demanded flowers as an absolute minimum because no one ever buys me flowers. But in case you're a man looking for some inspo for what to get your ladyfriend this year, here's a pointless list of things I wish someone would buy me. 

Yes, this post is an excuse for me to do some online window shopping. 

+ A KitchenAid Artisan. Swoon. I want one in Pistachio, but nothing says themed V Day present like the Candy Apple. Pretty pretty pretty. And yes, I'm well aware that my inability to manage simple tasks like drying my hair and sweeping the floor once in a blue moon is a strong indicator that I would never, ever use one of these bad boys. But it would be fun to play Bake Off just once. 

+ All the shiny things. All of them. I love antique jewellery and harbour a (now not so) secret dream of winning the lottery and wearing this as my something blue on my wedding day. But, again, I'd totally wear it once and never again. This gal gets approximately zero invitations to swanky dos, and I fear it may be a tad much for the supermarket run. If you haven't seen the stuff these guys have, take a look. My engagement ring is from them and they're super-nice, and they were happy to be complicit in the Great Engagement Ring Ruse of 2014. 

+ Chocolate. I know, I know, a total V Day cop-out. But it's going on my wish list as I can't have any (thanks, CMPI). I'm not even fussy. What I'd really like is a bathtub-sized vat of Reese's Peanut Butter cups, which are doubly verboten as I think Annika is allergic to dairy AND peanuts. 

+ A Mulberry Bayswater. When I started my 'career', as a graduate trainee, I promised myself I'd buy one of these babies when I got promoted. By the time I did, they'd gone up about £200 in price and I just couldn't justify it. And, yet again, SO not practical for my life - my bag usually contains at least one dirty nappy, some posset-covered muslins and a host of saliva-y teething toys. But just look how pretty this colour is.... 

+ Perfume. Always a good bet for a lady on V Day. I finally found my favourite perfume, got through one bottle and they discontinued it. But they made an almost-the-same-but-not-quite-as-heavy version so that's my pick. I like to think of it as my signature scent (my actual 'signature scent' is more musty milk sick/unwashed hair). 

+ A car. Ok, now I'm being ridiculous. But I've got automobiles on the mind as I'm desperately trying to work out how I can afford to run a car and get back my freedom slash stop being so over-reliant on family to drive hundreds of miles to pick us up every time we want to visit. 

Although right now I'd just settle for an end to this cough/cold/no sleep cycle of hell. 

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