Hello from quarantine

Illness has hit. I knew it would have to some time, and I'm pleased (and amazed) that it hasn't done before now and we've made it to four months lurgy-free. 

It started yesterday, when I got a bit of a tickly throat and by bedtime Annika and I were both sniffly and coughing. Last night was seriously not fun, with Annika waking up every time she or I coughed. Poor little mite sounds so sad with her little yappy-dog cough, but she's trying to be happy and manages to smile through it most of the time. 

But it is so much harder looking after a little one when you've had next to no sleep and are battling germs yourself. And it means we'll have to cancel a lot of our plans this week, like Annika's injections (which have already been cancelled twice due to the nurse being ill), visiting our antenatal group friends on Tuesday and Baby Sensory on Wednesday if she's not better by then. #middleclassproblems 

I'm blaming Matt's friend for our malady; he came over for dinner on Friday and only announced once he'd been here for a good half hour that he was sick. It was a little late at that point to tell him not to come over. 

I'm probably being a bit PFB* about it all, but don't visit a family with a small baby when you're harbouring all the germs. Just don't. 

So nothing exciting to report here. But I have finally written something on the 'About Me' page, so read that if you're super bored and need something to do. 

*Precious Firstborn 

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