In search of style...

One of these days we're actually going to finish decorating a room (soon! I promise!) and I can 'entertain' you with some snazzy before and after pics. Until then, I need your help. 

We're so nearly there with the dining room and the living room - as of last weekend, the dining room has finally got the right light fitting and now it just needs some panels finishing and papering for the walls, and the living room has some woodwork to be painted, a mirror and some pictures putting up, and some light fittings made and installed (and a new tv unit, but that might have to happen in slower time). 

My dad has been a superb help in getting us to where we are, but he's spent so much time already on decorating our house and he's just a little too perfectionist-slow so we've decided to throw some money at the upstairs and pay a bona fide painter and decorator to do the job. I've almost decided what's happening with Annika's room (just need to finalise paint colours) and the guest bedroom/Matt's current abode will be turned bright and white for the next few years (probably until another baby comes along and it gets a nursery makeover) but I am stumped as to what to do with the master bedroom. Stumped. 

Do we go for a serene white all over look? A more sumptuous nudes and soft fabrics thang? Something else altogether? 

I'm sure pretty much anything will be better that the current dirty walls and hideous 'feature wallpaper' that we've got going on...

(isn't that the prettiest?)

...but I would SO welcome some views/Pinterest inspo. 

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