Things we've done

A quick round up of some exciting and not so exciting things that have been happening round here while I've been on yet another avoiding blogging spree. 

The exciting: 
- me and Annika enjoyed a break at my Mum's while my dad and Matt decorated the living room at home. I tried to manage my expectations because I knew it wouldn't be finished by the time I got home but the hopeless over-optimistic part of me prayed it might be. That prayer was not answered, so I still don't have one single room makeover reveal with which to wow/bore you. 
- being at home was great - I got to do  things like have time for myself in the day while Grandma and Grandpa played with Annie, and drink wine and watch TV in bed 
- it also meant I finally got to meet baby Phoebe! She's awesome and super cute and squishy. And LIGHT - picking up her teeny little 10lb self felt like lifting a feather as I'm so used to carting around my 15lb chunk of a daughter. I won't post a pic as I'm never sure whether that's cool when it's not your kid (and you can just go here for pics of little Phoebs), but I took some hilarious ones of Annika and Phoebs together - poor little Phoebe was having a tough day and cried a lot, and Annika just kept giving her gummy grins like "hey little baby, I have no idea who you are or why you're crying but cheer up, it's not that bad!". Super cute. 
- my new, even more restrictive, diet from the hospital seems to be making Annika happier - she's pretty much stopped the midnight screeching sessions and her skin is a tonne better. Yay for her, slightly less yay for me as now I'm basically living on crisps. 
- wedding planning is GO! We've had a meeting with the vicar and booked the church and our reception venue, I've bought my dress and my wedding ring and we've booked the photographer. Things have just got real. And expensive. There are, however, still a million and one things to do. I'll be sure to bore you all with an update soon. 

The less exciting/downright mundane: 
- I bought some new pyjamas. Yep, I am actually blogging about that. I figured Matt might never come back into the un-marital bed if I carried on wearing my now-massive maternity pyjamas night after night.
- I have also recently acquired some new trousers (yay to not living in just one pair of jeans anymore!) and a cardigan. Maybe I'll go all fancy and do you an outfit post one day, or maybe not 
- I'm now only a few pounds away from my happy weight. Baby weight is long gone, so is an extra stone I was carrying when I got pregnant, and just a few pesky lbs to go. This may all reverse itself pretty quickly with my dramatic increase in crisp consumption. 
- I went into work yesterday to discuss my return. Thankfully, I don't have to go back for a while, but it's still made me sad. Going into the office made me miss work a tiny bit, but that is outweighed a hundredfold by the anxiety and dread and generally no-no-no-no-heck no-NO that I feel about sending my baby girl to nursery. 

Well, that's a bummer to end on. Oh, well. More substantial post tomorrow. Or not. 

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