Sooo... I was supposed to post this last Thursday (yeah, over a week ago, and what?) but life got in the way. 

Last Thursday marked six months to go until our wedding. Exciting! But also scary. Not because I'm having any doubts about marriage, but because there is SO much to do to plan the day. 

So far, I have bought my dress (though it needs altering) and booked the first fitting, booked the ceremony and reception venues, ordered Matt's ring and sent my engagement ring off to be resized, booked the photographer, and bought dresses for Annika and our little bridesmaid, Matt's niece Sophie. I know that sounds like good progress, but I don't feel like that's true! I still have soooo much to do! 

Adult bridesmaid dresses - this one is proving SO difficult, mainly (wholly) down to my somewhat-hard-to-please sister. She's great, but she definitely knows what she likes and doesn't like, and all the dresses I suggest sit firmly in the latter camp. Sure, she can find dresses she likes for £200 apiece, but that doesn't really fit my smaller-than-average wedding budget. 

Invitations - these are one of the things I didn't realise were super-expensive until I started wedding planning (other things in this category are dress alterations, photographers, flowers and about a million other wedding items). I was planning to get some designed by someone on etsy (still might) but that's still coming out at like £200. For paper. And that doesn't include the postage to actually get them to people. I'm contemplating making them myself but we'll see how that goes... 

Guest list - kind of an important one and very necessary for the above. We're having a teeny tiny wedding so it'll be a teeny tiny guest list, but there are a handful of people who at the moment are on the 'out' list and I'm trying to find a way to put them on the 'in' list. But at £130+ per person, a handful of people can blow your budget. I'm already having to go against my perennial insistence that I would never have 'evening guests' at my wedding... 

Flowers - jeepers are these expensive! All I want is a bouquet for me, two smaller bouquets for the bridesmaids and a few buttonholes for the menfolk. That'll be £250, thank you. Erm...no. I think I'm going to end up doing these myself. 

Make lots of decisions about things - we're having our menu tasting this week to firm up options for the wedding breakfast. I'm rather excited about that - it's not often we get to have a fancy meal out nowadays. And it's served with the wines for our wedding = lunchtime drunkenness. I probably won't be able to eat 80% of what's there due to Annika's potential intolerances, but I'm still excited! Then there are plenty of decisions still to make about the ceremony - Bells? Organist? Hymns? Readings? 

Book hair and make-up (and actually find someone to do this who, again, doesn't cost the earth), pick up our rings, make playlist, find Matt a suit, make orders of service... 

So progress is being made, but slowly. I'm really going to have to up the pace if we're going to get everything organised in time. I'm aiming to get one thing done per week, which doesn't sound like a lot, but when you have a baby and the 'one thing' needs some combination of designing/deciding/finding/ordering/obtaining, that can be a challenge. But we'll get there. 

Onwards and upwards! 

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