Yes, I know I've used that title maaaaany times before but if it ain't broke...don't waste precious brain cells trying to come up with a snappier post title. 

So what have we been up to this week? 

+ we switched the bassinet part of our pram for the seat part. I'd been putting it off for weeks as it means my little baby is growing up. Too fast! I almost cried. Yes, I'm a loser. But Annika seems to love her new up-high perch from whence she can survey the landscape and get all nosy about everything that's going on around her. Of course, that means she's sleeping less than before in the pram - those boring bassinet walls were sending her to snoozeville a lot more successfully. 

In memoriam. 

+ we went to Brighton today. It was super sunny when we set out so I pulled on a sun-high induced outfit that looked as if a toddler has thrown it together - my new grey Selfish Mother sweatshirt, highly patterned pink/blue/black Capri pants and some black & luminous pink trainers. Of course, about 45 minutes after arriving the sky clouded over and it got all chilly and I sorely regretted opting for free-range ankles. We ate chips, played some 2p machines, I won a torch key ring and gave it to the nearest child (who looked deeply unimpressed - ungrateful brat) and then we called it quits and headed home. 

+ Annika might finally be getting better at sleeping at night. Not through the night, of course, she still wakes up 3-4 times each and every night, but twice this week she's actually stayed in bed when I've put her down at 7ish. Whoop! 

+ we went to stay with my folks for a couple of night this week and got to go to our wedding venue and sample our wedding menu. We took Annika along - crazy needy mama doesn't like leaving her and there's no way she'd have gone the four hours it took without booby milk. I was worried about the inevitable car crash of the young baby + fancy restaurant equation but she was actually really great. The food was totally amazing, as was the wine (a glass of prosecco and one each of white and red and I was feeling a little squiffy) so we're really pleased with our choice of venue and food options. Hopefully our guests will feel similarly. We also hung out with the animals on the farm at our venue. Annika had less than zero interest in the reindeer/goats/alpaca/pigs/sheep, which was surprising given her love of 'Old MacDonald'. 

+ I picked up my engagement ring and Matt's wedding ring last weekend. The jewellers we used have made a fantastic job of repairing my sparkly - it had had a poor repair job at some point between being set in the 1920s and now, and the jewellers completely re-set the stone so it was all straight and pretty in a completely new basket, and filled in some little imperfections around the shoulders, as well as sizing it down a few sizes (every time I'd worn it before I'd been pregnant/a bit fat). We're over the moon with how great it looks. 

+ I'm currently enjoying some down time while Annika sleeps and musing on how on earth we've got this far already. Annika is six months old tomorrow! The last half year has been utterly incredible - just the most perfect time in my life. I'm such a ball of emotion right now - I'm so sad that she's growing up so quickly but I'm also excited to get to know the little person she's becoming. Tune in tomorrow for what I'm sure we'll be a nonsense-filled, gushy post about how much I love that little squish... 

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