Happy (belated) half birthday, Baby Girl! 

I wrote a totes emosh, gushy post all about how Annika changed my life and how much I love her, and then I realised the only people who are going to want to read that are me and her, so that one's staying personal. Instead, here's a little round up of what Little A is up to these days. 

I'll be the first to admit, Annika's not the most advanced when it comes to getting her move on. We have no signs of sitting, other than flopping over, but she's recently learned how to roll and now she won't stop! Eschewing the usual first front-to-back roll, which she's done twice ever, Annie seems to be unable to stop herself from rolling back to front, the second I put her down. She always goes to her right, and without fail gets frustrated within about ten seconds of being on her front. I roll her back, she instantly rolls over, cries, and repeat ad infinitum. My life is one long stream of rolling her over now. 

I can't call it talking, but she looks so intense as she "abdabdabdab"s at us, desperately trying to tell us something. Matt swears she says Dada, and I KNOW I heard her say Abu Dhabi the other day. Of course, she said neither. But it's super cute. 

Eating (watch this space) 
We intended to start weaning Annika on her half birthday, but a combination of the blender not getting the broccoli smooth enough and us being pushed for time meant we've put it back a couple of days. Annika's still struggling with food allergies/intolerances, so weaning will be a slow and careful process, but I'm excited to see how she reacts to food. 

Or not. Annika has seriously regressed in the sleep department of late. Gone are the days of her once per night wakings, and now I'm contending with 4+ times every night, beginning with a killer 1.30am wake-up that ensures I lose the opportunity for any significant stretch of sleep. If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be woken up every two hours for the entire night, every night, I think I'd have wept but it's actually not that bad. You deal with it, you adapt and you just get on with things. She's worth every yawn-making minute. 

Not a lot. Don't worry, I'm not letting her go naked, but her wardrobe is seriously diminished at the moment. She's outgrown some of her 3-6m stuff, whereas some has loads of room left (M&S babygros for the win), but she's not big enough for 90% of her 6-9m clothes as she's too little. Again, I have no idea how 5'9" me managed to make a 9th-centile-for-length baby, but I did, and Titch is a long way off filling a lot of those 6m+ sleeves and legs! 

Laughing. Mostly hysterically in the evenings and almost exclusively on her changing mat. I have no idea what it is about being on the floor on cold, padded plastic that makes life so darn hilarious, but she chuckles so much down there. I'm totally in love with her little laugh, it's amazing. Annika also loves blowing raspberries (a LOT), putting anything and everything she can get her hands on into her mouth, and kicking her legs wildly at every given opportunity. A recent favourite trick is to pull off her socks and shove them in her mouth, which send my choking fears sky-rocketing and means she's rarely left unattended for more than 30 seconds unless she's sockless! Annika's love affair with singing continues, and there's nothing better at calming her down than a cuddle and a song. She also still loves bathtime, and doesn't even protest when Mama manages to pour water/shampoo over her face. We haven't been doing any formal baby groups since Baby Sensory ended, but we're giving Baby Ballet a whirl from next week so I'll be sure to update on how that goes! 

All in all, Annika continues to be a super happy baby and, while her sleep isn't great, she's still not a cryer and can mostly be found smiling at anyone and everyone she meets. I'm almost too scared to ever have another as I know we won't be this lucky next time! 

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